Vagabond Tours, Timber Rafting, Sweden Pt.2

Tømmerflådefærd i Värmland, 5 dage (100 km)

(Part 2) 6 Days, 100 km downriver, 1 ton raft–and yes, we built it ourselves! 🙂 with guidance and all materials by Vagabond Tours.

At the start of our trip, there were a couple of things we were told to watch out for, one of them was spots on the river where the current was basically going backwards. We did get stuck in one of these and it took us a while to pry our way out, using a really long stick against the shore.

We also got stuck on a sandbank. The water was shallow, and all of a sudden we ran aground in the middle of the river and Morten had to hop in and use a log to shove us out again.

Night fell very suddenly out there, away from any city lights, and in the dark one evening, we pitched our tent on the side of a cliff. We didn’t realize how steep the drop was till we woke up the next morning and nearly stumbled over the side.

We were promised that the outdoors and fresh air would make us extra hungry, and it did! I was on pancake and food duty :p We had a lot of these American pancake premix bottles with us, as well as a lot of other food. I had ‘forloren skildpadde’ for the first time, Danish camping food, and Stroh Rum, 80% Vol., both of these I really don’t need to try again! :p But it made all the difference to have warm food when we were cold and it was raining.

After 5 days on the raft, we disassembled it and sent the timber downriver to it’s catch point.

It was about 7pm, when we finished taking the raft apart and loading up the car. But, instead of calling it a day and pitching our tent for one last night we decided to drive the 700 km back home to sleep in our own bed. The other campers who’d taken the trip thought we were crazy!

After a few hours driving in the pitch black we were both falling asleep to the point that we had to stop at a truck stop and get some sleep.


This was definitely a trip to remember! It was exhausting, and peaceful and magical and again hard work. We did joke about ditching the raft and calling a cab to rescue us, buuuut we kept going and had an amazing time.

Link here to Vagabond Tours: Tømmerflådefærd i Värmland, 8 dage (100 km)

(the days are possibly a little different than when we took this trip in 2013)

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