The City of Roskilde Gets Ready for Roskilde Festival, 2017

Every year, the little historical town of Roskilde is suddenly flooded with Festival Guests. The population of Roskilde is approximately 50,000,- but for the 8 days of the festival the city is host to an additional 130,000 Festival guests. That’s the numbers from this year.

Visit Roskilde has annually prepared for or decorated the city in some way for Roskilde Festival, and dubbed the theme ‘GO ORANGE’ after the iconic and largest orange stage.

I talked with Visit Roskilde, about the plans for this year and then Jonas from EPIXS Photography and I went on a little photo walk through the city to document it.

This year, GO ORANGE focused on sustainability,  via a series of art installations made from recycled material. There are 6 at the moment, and a workshop on 1 July for children to make the 7th one. Here they are!

Toolbox by Thomas Dambo

Thomas Dambo is an internationally established recycling artist and designer, creating everything from furniture and scenography to big and small art installations.


DANSK HULEBYG is a small socioeconomic organization that builds with hand saws, rulers and screwdrivers. Their contribution to GO ORANGE was the teepees and woodlice sandboxes, along the walking street.

Owls from CD’s, by Zenja Winther Jørgensen
Owls from CD’s, by Zenja Winther Jørgensen

Zenja Winther Jørgensen created 2 giant owls, decorated with discarded CD’s. They can be seen on Algade.

Reaction & Refraction, made with recycled festival tents. By UNDERBROEN
Reaction & Refraction, made with recycled festival tents. By UNDERBROEN

UNDERBROEN is a workshop space for makers in Copenhagen, where crafts are combined with more modern digital production technology.

The Bear, made from leftover wood from the Viking Ship Museum’s Ship Production. By Johannes Ambjørnsen

Johannes Ambjørnsenn is a craftsman as well as a sculptor. He carved this massive bear cub out of scrap wood from the Viking Ship Museum in Roskilde.

The last piece is to be made by children on the 1st July, and it will be a mega robot, “Megabotten”. The organization, Made By Kids, will be hosting this event.

These GO ORANGE RE.USED sculptures are along Roskilde’s walking street and in the main square just opposite the train station.

Happy RF2017 Everyone!

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