La Point Surf Camp, Ericeira Portugal

Learning how to surf is something Morten has talked about ever since we met, and fiiiiinally we booked this trip.

This was not our first active holiday – in fact it seems that ALL our vacations together have been pretty exhausting :p lol. Road trips, building and sailing rafts, hiking trips …we come back every time needing a vacation, to rest up after our vacation, and this was absolutely NO exception. Yes, perhaps I’m a little weaker than most, and if I ever was in doubt, I left one-million percent sure that I have ZERO upper body strength! My plan to ‘train up’ for surfing and paddling didn’t really work out, in any case this felt hard core! :p

By the end of some lessons I could barely pull my wetsuit off, let alone drag my huge beginner board back to camp—true story. This is where having a big strong man is really perfect. J

The beginners beach also had about 2 meters of rocks between the sand and the water, this meant that we had to  carry our boards over slippery, mossy rocks and trying to get into the water between the waves.

Aaaaand 7am surf lessons, (see the jogging pix above :p) I am not a morning person! But STILL, regardless of all that, that feeling when you get up on your board and ride a wave all the way in – that feeling is AMAZING!!!

We had one week at the La Point Surf Camp in Ericeira. There were 3 camp houses, ours was a 20 person camp with beginner to advanced surfers, from Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Switzerland, Ireland and Spain.

The camp house was beautiful, all white, much like the others around Ericeira. It seemed there was a white and blue color theme all over the city.

We were there 1 week and had a total of 5 lessons of 2 hours. I sat one out, on the beach, trying to get just a little sun. We were the palest 2 at camp. You know that pasty, glowing white look :p we had it!

At our first surf lesson I did get up and stand on my board, maybe about 3 seconds, lol, but I was SO proud! Like being 5 years old again and all, “did you see me, did you see me”.

There were between 5-6 of us in our little beginners group. Ricardo, our instructor had a really good method and we were all popping up and riding waves by the last day. By lesson 4 I felt like I was standing up on almost every wave and riding them longer and it really felt like “yea, I’m getting this” :p It was an amazing feeling and an amazing day!

We also found the coziest little Cafe in Ericeira, Fluctus Surf Cafe, and we visited that place a few times. They had a recycled art concept as well as an exhibit on the waves of Ericeira, which are actually ‘protected’.

"Fluctus" o tubarão do Surf Café. #surfcafefluctus #surfcafe #skeletonsea

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Rua Dr. Eduardo Burnay Nº40
Ericeira 2655-370

We keep saying that next time, perhaps, we’ll take it a little easy on vacation, but no, this time too, on the flight home, I was SO all-out exhausted! :p But it was a summer well-spent.

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