Just a Dreamer, in Stockholm

In an earlier post, planning out summer, I mentioned a trip to Stockholm, well, that finally happened! Yeah! 🙂

I am so last minute and especially not together with the practical stuff, and it was pretty last minute that I booked my tickets, and I really, nearly got cold feet. I would be working with and staying with people I’d never met, and although I tend to be a risk taker, I’m also a little scared of new people.

But, there is nothing, nothing, like a change of scenery to clear the head and give a bit of perspective. I’m SO glad I went. While there I met and worked with 3 very amazing, talented and just great people.



Reflecting on my little model/photo-art journey I feel my direction, with photos, has changed. It’s become been very much more about expressing something, I want to put my life and my experiences into the concepts I work with, and it feels like it’s become a much more personal creation than it was when I started with Pinup.

The photos in this post are by  Per Anders Nilsson. The other sets are soon to come in a different blog post.

Annndddd, there are more of my photos at the links below:



and the uncensored ones here …


This was my first weekend in the Stockholm area. Aside from the photoshoots I had a night out, got a couple bruises, earned a very nasty hangover, met new photographers and friends, and we made some amazing photos! Definitely need more of these trips! 🙂

In Stockholm, Shot by PA Nilsson


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