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For this post I wanted to capture Copenhagen in the summer, on a sunny day, not one of these days that is supposed to be sunny but turns out to be cold and rainy and windy. So that was the plan,  and we set a day to do a photo walk and then rescheduled because of rain.

Finally it seemed like Friday, we’d have that bright weather, but of course, Copenhagen just had to rain on us! lol. In the end I am glad that it did. This is the genuine feel of Denmark and Copenhagen in the summer, with changeable weather, sun and rain and you gotta be prepared for it all when you step out in the morning.

So here is our walk, beginning at Nyhavn and up to Paper Island –where it totally poured, then back again to Nyhavn in time for the sunset.

I had a list of places that I wanted to include in this post, but we decided to save half of them for another post, because we lost daylight hours while it rained.

Paper Island / Copenhagen Street Food

Paper Island is a huge warehouse where the Danish press used to store their paper, hence the name. This building is now full of homemade-like, makeshift food stalls. It looks as if the stalls, and especially the bathrooms, are made up of scrap metal, wood, old doors etc. It’s kind of messy and creative and artsy at the same time. I think the haphazard feel has a special and unique charm.

Bjørn mentioned that Paper Island will be closing, I looked this up as soon as I got home and yea, it turns out 31. December it will be closed. 🙁 So glad we got the chance to capture it today.

After we photographed the bustling Friday night, food frenzy, it was still pouring outside, so we decided to just cozy down and get something to eat till the storm passed. We squeezed through the packed warehouse to find the oreo cheesecake that we spotted on the way in, and very luckily found a spot to sit as well.

It was still raining, but the sun had come out and it was kind of pretty, so we decided to walk back the way we came and here are some sunset shots of Nyhavn sitting pretty.


Special thanks to Bjørn for taking this photo walk with me, I loved the photos he took and am looking forward to our next walk. (link to his IG below)

Photos by Bjørn Pallund, on Instagram here:

Paper Island/Copenhagen Street Food,

Warehouse 7 & 8,


Trangravsvej 14


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  1. Hi Paper Island what an interesting place, hopefully you can take me there. Good job.

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