Moving to Copenhagen

  After 6 years in Roskilde I’ve moved to Copenhagen. It’s really with mixed feelings. I’ve studied and worked in Copenhagen, commuted, but never really gotten to know the city. In Roskilde I felt very restless, liked I’d exhausted all the places to go and things to do. It felt very small! Yet at the […]

Curfew, CPH

This place! Their inventive cocktails! An old-school feel, a genuine Tommy gun and an old gangster hat behind the bar, what’s not to love?! This bar has a very special feel, a touch of war and gangsters from way back. Walking in, I loved it immediately! It was an honor to collaborate with a place […]

Summer, Summer, Summer!

I’d hoped and planned to work at Roskilde Festival this year. I talked with different people, a few things almost worked out, and then didn’t and so I just made other plans. Then yesterday… “you got a RF ticket, all days, with backstage access” 😮 So, tomorrow I WILL be going out to Roskilde Festival 😀 I’m SO […]